Venture Services, consisting of Zero2IPO Research, Zero2IPO Media and Zero2IPO Training, provide leading and all-round entrepreneurial and investment services in China.

Zero2IPO Research, one of the leading VC/PE research institutions in China, boasts comprehensive VC/PE data system and competitiveness in industry research and consulting. 

Zero2IPO Media, the one-stop service platform affiliated to Zero2IPO Group, specializes in news & information, industry communication, brand promotion and investment & financing connection for China’s entrepreneurial and investment industry. It has built the most powerful investor and entrepreneur network in China.

Zero2IPO Training, built on Zero2IPO Group’s resources and experience over the years, strives to become a professional platform for investor training. SandHill College, the affiliated high-end education brand, is intended to be the West Point in China’s investment circle.


Zero2IPO training is a domestic professional investor training platform based on years of industry resources and researches.

By inviting top VC/PE investors as lecturers for frontline and potential investors, a state-of-the-art investment community has been built. It has also launched the high-end investment education brand “Sandhill College”—committed to building the Whampoa Military Academy in China's VC/PE community, the VC/PE online learning platform—”Sandhill University”, and the professional practical training service provider—Sandhill Entrepreneurship Center.

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    The West Point in China's Investment Circle

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    Equity investment online learning platform