Zero2IPO Asset Management was founded in 2012. It focuses on providing listed companies and family enterprises with strategic industrial distribution and middle and long-term asset management and investment services.

Zero2IPO Asset Management together with listed companies establishes strategic industrial funds to help listed companies to put forward industrial distribution and market value management. Through PE investment, Zero2IPO Asset Management offers middle and long-term capital allocation services for family enterprises, assists them to seek industrial consolidation opportunities, and realizes new growth point and industrial distribution. At present, Zero2IPO Asset Management is managing over 10 strategic funds of listed companies.

Based on Zero2IPO Group’s in-depth understanding of China's private equity industry and all-inclusive services covering research, conference, advisory and investment, Zero2IPO Asset Management taps the value of enterprises and market by means of active management to achieve value investing.


  PEstreet is an online high-end asset allocation platform under Zero2IPO Group. Relying on Zero2IPO Group's comprehensive research, ranking, investment, and other services in VC/PE industry and combining both online and offline methods, PE Street provides high yield investment services for family businesses,ultrahigh net worth individuals and institutions, including private equity and private placement, so as to meet the demands of high-end customers for asset allocation and wealth management.

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