About Us

Founded in 1999, Zero2IPO Group is a leading integrated service provider and investment institution in China’s private equity industry, with Zero2IPO Events, Zero2IPO Research Center, Zero2IPO Consulting, PE Data, PEdaily.cn, Zero2IPO Ventures, Zero2IPO Capital, Zero2IPO Partners and Zero2IPO Wealth under its flag.Zero2IPO mainly provides research & consulting, event & forum organization, data products, information & news releasing, investment banking services, direct investments, FOF and wealth management.Through 15 years of development, Zero2IPO Group has now become the top VC/PE integrated service platform in China.

Zero2IPO's mission is to be the preferred service provider to businesses in the venture capital and private equity industry by offering an unparalleled knowledge and expertise to our clients and partners. To ensure this, Zero2IPO provides a broad and deep array of services enabling entrepreneurs and investors to reach the next level of success.

Founded in 2001, Zero2IPO Research has been committed to providing professional information, data, research and consulting services for limited partners, VC/PE firms, strategic investors as well as government agencies, law firms, accounting firms, investment banks, research institutions, etc. Its research covers LP, VC, PE, IPO, M&A, PERE, as well as industries such as TMT, Traditional, Clean-tech, Bio/Healthcare, Mass Consumption, Modern Agriculture, Advanced Manufacturing, etc. Zero2IPO Research has now become one of the most professional and authoritative research institutions in China. Product brands under Zero2IPO Research include: Research Reports, Consulting Service, PE Data, PE Manager and VC&PE Ranking.

Zero2IPO Events, a world-leading interaction platform for VC/PE industry chain. Throughout 10+ years, it is now considered as the most influential and well-known professional service provider in China, with the widest relationship network with domestically top-level investors and financial media. Each year, 40 VC/PE events are organized in China and abroad, attracting over 10,000 attendees. Our event brands include CVCF, Industry Summit, CIIF, Venture 50, and Z-Club. In addition, Zero2IPO also customizes forums for local governments and cooperative institutions.

Zero2IPO Capital, as one of the earliest local investment banking teams in China, focuses on the Chinese VC/PE market, providing professional services in fund raising, M&A, restructuring, finance and management for high-growth enterprises, VC managers and investment institutions. Each year, Zero2IPO Capital assists over 20 enterprises to complete fundraising and M&As with an aggregate transaction value of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Zero2IPO Ventures is the venture investment arm under Zero2IPO Group which targets high-potential and high-growth Chinese enterprises. Zero2IPO Ventures does not compete with other venture funds, but rather pursues a two-pronged investment strategy, i.e. to co-invest with active venture capital firms in growth and late stage companies and to lead or co-lead investments in early stage startups in China.

Zero2IPO Partners launched in 2011, is a private equity fund-of-funds manager. Zero2IPO Partners focus on the investments in quality Venture Capital (VC) and Private Equity (PE) funds in China, with local experience and distinguished history in VC/PE market.

Zero2IPO Wealth, founded in 2012, is a wealth management platform under the flag of Zero2IPO Group, dedicated to offering professional consulting services for China’s high net worth individuals and qualified institutional investors in private equity investments.

Pedaily.cn is a leading web portal in the venture capital and private equity industry in China. Integrating the strongest networks and research resources of Zero2IPO Group, PEdaily.cn focuses on sharing timely industry news, abundant data, and in-depth analysis with its users.

Zero2IPO Group is headquartered in Beijing with offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Hong Kong, and Silicon Valley.