Chinese High-growth Enterprises' First Choice for Investment Banking Services

As one of the earliest ones providing investment banking services, Zero2IPO Capital closes more than 20 transactions in TMT, healthcare, consumer, traditional industry, clean-tech and a wide variety of emerging areas. Zero2IPO Capital has not only become the first choice of Chinese High-growth Enterprises, but also one of the mostly recognized investment bank brands in the venture capital and private equity markets.

A Comprehensive Understanding of China's VC Market and Future Trends

Zero2IPO's extensive research platform enables us to identify and take advantage of developing trends in the venture capital and private equity markets.

A Local Team, A Global Network, A Deep Understanding of Our Clients' Needs

While Zero2IPO does possess a comprehensive network of international investors and partners, the true key to its success lies in the Zero2IPO team. Zero2IPO's team is made up of all local Chinese who are able to quickly identify and observe emerging trends in the domestic market. They deliver the fastest and most effective catered solutions that both meet and exceed our clients' expectations.

From Execution to closing

Our specialized experience in investment banking and ability to execute allows us to help our clients through all stages of development. From initial financial planning discussions, to preparation of financing documents, all the way through to the final business transaction, Zero2IPO Capital is there from start to finish. We help our clients resolve any problems and do everything possible to expedite the transaction process and eliminate any potential limiting factors along the way.

A Unique Set of Value-Added Services

With Zero2IPO research, events, web portal and investment fund, it allows us to provide the clients with a unique set of Value-Added Services.