Service Process

We hold professional service procedure as the key to the success of project involving complicated transaction. Investment bank under the flag of Zero2IPO Group possesses ten years of experiences and has been gradually improving project services procedure.

Prophase Investigation
  • (Three-Four Weeks , 30 Detailed Works)
  • Searching Operational Data & Accounting Information
  • Having an understanding of the operational conditions of the enterprise and driving force behind its growth, bottleneck links and alternative solutions via the data analysis and communication with the Management.
  • Shouldering responsibility for the owner of the enterprise, clarifying it’s real profitability and foreseeing its profitability, operational safety and needed resources input in the three years ahead.
  • Having a deep understanding of the expectation of entrepreneur, forming a strategic financing program in line with the real condition and preparing introduction materials.
  • Analyzing the characteristics of investment institutions, matching needs of the enterprises and identifying potential cooperative institutions and investors. As well as Forming an introduction strategy.
Financing Introduction
  • (Eight-Twelve Weeks , 50 Detailed Works)
  • Conducting an in-depth introduction to decision-making investors from 2-3 investment institutions. Adopting an ambiguous quotation strategy.
  • Fine-tuning a timely introduction strategy according to the feedback and conducing specific research on unfavorable factors to search for solutions.
  • Conducting a high-frequency introduction to 6-7 investment institutions and answering the inquiries from them in an integrated manner. Making off-site communication between the Management of Zero2IPO Group and key investors to remove obstacles.
  • Forming the competition pattern conducive to the enterprise so as to launch article negotiations. Responsible for coordinating the relationship if a transaction faces obstacles
Financing Transaction Implementation
  • (Eight-Fifteenth Weeks , 120 Detailed Works)
  • Signing term sheet of equity investment
  • Participating the project in advance and imitating due diligence
  • Supervising due diligence of investor in cooperation with the enterprise. Responsible for timely dealing with emergency affairs
  • Communicating with the investor after due diligence to ensure that any problems will not negatively affect the outcome.
  • Coordinating investor, business consultant and lawyers of the two parties in order to launch law restructuring. Finding problems and timely dealing with them as well as strictly controlling transaction process.
  • Conducing necessary communication to ensure investment fund in place, on time and in line with the agreement and transaction being completed.