With over 10 years of corporate management, project investment and industry & capital connection, as well as two successful entrepreneurship experiences, Wendy Yang now is managing partner of Zero2IPO Group and managing partner of Zero2IPO Asset Management. She also serves as financial advisor for funds under Zero2IPO and director or consultant for many listed companies.

Ms. Yang specialized in connection of industry and capital, and has deep understanding of market value management for listed companies and asset management for family businesses. With years of PE investment and industrial operation experiences, she has managed to help dozens of Chinese family businesses set up family funds and listed companies (Lanxum, Pianzaihuang, Lingnan Landscape, Longfor, etc.) establish industry funds to invest in the market. She is now managing funds of more than RMB10B. Many listed companies, with Ms. Yang’s help, has laid out in emerging industries with integration with existing industries so as to improve their market value in a positive way. She has achieved market value increase of 4-5 times in only 2 years. She also optimize asset allocation for family businesses to make excellent returns.