Mr. Danny Chung joined Zero2IPO in 2005. He served as Chief Operating Officer responsible for managing the business operations of the Group for three years. Mr Chung now serves as Partner of the Group and also Managing Director of Zero2IPO Ventures, a venture investment arm of the Group. 

Prior to that, Mr Chung was a Senior Vice President of Investment at Authosis Ventures and responsible for overseeing investment evaluation, risk management and the operations of the group.Before joining Authosis, Mr Chung served as Vice President of Finance and Corporate Development at American Pacific Technology Group (APTG), a venture capital group with investments in Silicon Valley, China/Hong Kong and other Asian countries. 

Prior to APTG, Mr Chung was the Group Treasury Manager of Lenovo, the no.1 PC manufacturer in China and a listed company in Hong Kong. He was responsible for negotiation of banking facilities with more than 30 bankers and multi-national financial institutions, and managed the fund position and cashflow control of the group. His duties also included in formulating and monitoring of credit control policy, insurance arrangements and liaison with professionals for group matters relating to stock markets listing, legal, trademarks, patents and other statutory requirements.

Mr Chung is an associate member of the Canadian Chartered Institute of Finance and Accountancy. He has more than 20 years’ experience of operation and financial management.