Asset management services consist of Zero2IPO Ventures, Zero2IPO FoF and Zero2IPO Asset Management, focusing on equity investment and asset management.

Zero2IPO Ventures, a research-driven VC firm established in 2006, currently manages 9 RMB funds and 4 USD funds with a total size of RMB6B and has invested over 200 companies.

Zero2IPO FoF is one of professional fund-of-funds (FoF) management platform in China. Relying on in-depth research, insight and practice in China’s angel investment and VC/PE investment market, Zero2IPO FoF strives to become China’s most reliable VC/PE FoF management and equity-related asset allocation platform with excellent returns. Zero2IPO FoF now has 10 FoFs worth more than RMB10B under its management and successfully invested dozens of funds and enterprises. 

Zero2IPO Asset Management, starting in 2012, focuses on industry investment & M&A as well as wealth management for listed companies and family business. It taps the value of enterprises and market by means of active management to achieve value investing.


The FoF (fund of funds) invests in equity investment funds. Relying on the manager’s capability to optimize capital allocation, FoF rationally diversifies the investments into angel investment, VC and PE funds of different types and with diversified investment styles and excellent performance expectations, so as to reduce risks and share returns. FoF is an investment tool featured with high risk diversification and is a good choice for asset allocation. Investing in excellent fund portfolios and projects through excellent FoF management institutions will gain not only the weighted average rate of returns of all the funds, but also excess returns from outstanding projects. 

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