Zero2IPO Group, started the business in 2001, is a pioneer in China`s entrepreneurship and investment industry. It engages in research and advisory, data product, conference and forum, information and news, investment training, investment banking service, industrial agglomeration, direct investment, as well as FoF and wealth management.

In the past 20 years, the venture capital & private equity ranking and reports released by Zero2IPO has become a performance barometer of China's VC/PE institutions and an authoritative reference for fundraising and investment. PEdaily, Zero2IPO’s information platform, makes in-depth investment dynamics reports, also holds a number of forum summits and salon roadshows each year to build a strong network of entrepreneurship and investment relationships. Zero2IPO has built Sandhill College, a professional investor training platform known as “West Point in China's investment community". Zero2IPO, deeply involved in the field of investment, has invested nearly 300 projects and currently manages 39 funds.