Ms. Yang Min, currently a partner of Zero2IPO Group and managing partner of Zero2IPO Industrial Investment, has nearly 20 years of background in real industry and financial investment. Not only serves as the investment committee of several funds managed by Zero2IPO Group, but also serves as the director and consultant of several listed companies.

Ms. Yang Min served as the vice president of Zero2IPO Group before 2007, and then left Zero2IPO to start two companies. A big data marketing company has successfully reorganized with a company to be listed; another mobile Internet company has been invested by a well-known VC dollar fund Later, Ms. Yang Min withdrew from the specific operation of the company and rejoined Zero2IPO Group in 2014. Based on her working background, Ms. Yang Min has rich experience and unique insights in corporate management, strategic development, project investment, and how to combine industry and capital organically. At the same time, he has in-depth research on the market value management of listed companies and family asset management. With the help of many years of private equity investment and industrial operation experience, it has successfully helped listed companies such as Pien Tze Huang and Lingnan Garden to establish strategic funds, and dozens of Chinese family enterprises to establish family funds to achieve strategic layout and capital appreciation through equity market investment. Management The total size of the fund exceeds tens of billions.

Ms. Yang Min assists listed companies to deploy emerging industries and promote the combination with original industries, thereby benignly increasing the market value. In two years, she has helped listed companies achieve a 4-5 times increase in market value, and at the same time helped family businesses with high-quality asset allocation. , to achieve steady growth in assets. Ms. Yang Min has directly participated in the investment of dozens of sub-funds and directly invested in more than 100 companies. Representative cases include Henlius, Nuo Kangda, Mengke Pharmaceutical, Yingjixin, Energy Chain Group, Primus Security , Guoke Tiancheng, Suntech Education, Tongcheng Travel, Baibu and so on.